An abode for spiritual awakening and redressal of grievances, Sai Geetha Ashram offers succor and solace to the careworn individual, caught in the daily grind of life. Here in the cool environs of the lush green trees, one feels wonderfully restored in body, mind and spirit.

Sai Geetha Ashram was founded in the year 1987 by His H.H.Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumarji Nature’s Divine Green Garden on earth has a specific purpose so that people may find solutions to their myriad problems through the cosmic divine trees. By doing so, we are reviving a much forgotten but age old custom of respecting and glorifying Mother Nature and rediscover in the sanctity, harmony and abundance sorely missing in our lives. Sadguruji, in His Boundless Love, has shown us that man must learn to live with nature in the true sense of the word. In harmony with fellow beings and nature, it is set in a sprawling area of bountiful land, home to over 500 rare plants and trees. These have been carefully sourced from various places.

This life-giving piece of earth has DHANWANTARI TREES – that impart good health, DIVINE TREES that brings you closer to the DIVINE NAKSHATRA VRIKSHAS(Birth Star trees) help nullify NAVAGRAHA DOSHAS, karmic afflictions and ensure prosperity in life and KALPA VRIKSHAS that fulfill our sincere and legitimate desires, BHAVYA VRIKSHAS for myriad problems – obstacles in business, good health, education, employment, flourishing business and prosperity. Circumambulating all these trees bestows the desired result. Trees are the embodiment of deities and respond promptly when supplicated with faith and worship, because faith is the weapon of your destiny.


A sacred precinct with a rare combination of the idols of Hanuman, Ganesha and Garuda all under one roof, is the first of its kind in the world, which helps obviates the afflictions of Kali Dosha. Worshipping in this kshetra is highly beneficial to check bad dreams, to ward off untimely death, karmic afflictions, overcome obstacles, help gain success in ventures, Circumambulate and chant Sai Shiva Hari Om 108 times holding rice and later feed it to birds, cows or the poor.


A 5 1/2 ft. marble idol of Sai Baba was installed in the Sai Darbar, a sanctum sanctorum amidst the lush canopy of the cosmic divine trees where in prayers can be offered.


Garuda – the celestial vehicle of Sri Maha Vishnu who was renowned for his sterling qualities of loyalty, courage, perseverance and sacrifice procured the sacred pot of nectar from the milky ocean. The life of Garuda depicts the triumph of good over evil.It is believed that the blessings of the mighty Garuda will help for the safe return of the absconding person and to ward off enemity, bad dreams and helps obviates the Sarpa Dosha. For the safe return of absconding person, take home one sacred stone from the Garuda patra. Place the stone on the photo of the absconding person and chant ‘Sai Shiva Hari Om’ 21 times putting haldi, kumkum and akshat on the stone. Do this thrice a day. After the safe return or news of the absconding person put the stone in a well or a lake or water.


The Dhuni was kindled by Sadguruji with the rays of Surya in the year 1991, which burns round the clock and the sacred ash is reverentially taken by devotees for the marvellous results it yields. For averting planetary afflictions that cause hindrances in one’s life and to appease all the nine planets for favourable influence in life, one can go around the Kund chanting the Navagraha mantra, ‘Adityaya cha somaya, mangalaya, bhudaya cha, gurushukra shanibhyas cha rahave ketave namah’ and offer the pooja items in the sacred fire burning there.


The Divine clock is one of its kind in the world which is installed at a height of 65ft. with its diameter stretching to 25.3 ft. At the stroke of every hour there will be the sound of conch followed by the vibrating soundof ‘OM’ 5 times. The vibrations are absorbed by the sacred trees in the Ashram. At that time clasp any tree to receive the positive energy in abundance. A model of a 5ft. man (fondly named Bojja Raja) emerge’s from beneath the clock and strike the bell accordingly. This is to remind man to awaken from the deep slumber he is in, for time is ticking away. The design cycle of Birth and Death depicts various species of worms and insects, birds and animals and different phases of human life, infant to old age, birth to death. The aim is to educate man that after having obtained this priceless and precious human birth, the goal is to realize the Divine in him.


What is an evil eye? It is said that the eye is the most powerful organ, which can give off positive or negative energy; therefore, evil eye holds enormous power. A thought, a malevolent glare, or an admirable glance usually given intentionally or unknowingly to a person, either for their good looks, flourishing business, reaching the pinnacle of success, for growing higher in status can be the cause of an evil eye.
Evil eye mostly affects children. In the olden days, elders used to spin around the head of the child affected by the evil eye, red chilies, marking nut and salt. After doing this, the child would get better. This is not a superstition. Scientists have done research on the coconut and proved the prevalence of evil eye. To obviate the ill effects of the evil eye, there is a special 'Drishti Kund' in SGA to perform.
This is performed on your own : Holding the black pouch (available in ashram) stand facing the South and pray to relieve you of any affliction with which you are affected, be it 'Pakshi dosham' (affliction caused by harming a bird), 'pashu dosham' (affliction caused by harming any animal), 'Krimi Keetak dosham' (affliction caused by harming any insect or worm), 'Nara dosham' (affliction caused by harming any person) and ‘Drishti Dosham’ (Affliction caused by evil eye of a person or creature) and pray that the dosham be burnt to ashes in the Drishti Kund fire. Saying this rotate the pouch around the head with your left hand, from the right to the left and again from left to the right three times and put the pouch in the fire. Then wash your hands and legs and circumambulate the Shiva Ganga tree adjacent to the 'Drishti Kund'.