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Ours is an incredible journey of life from birth through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The human body, a wonderful gift of God, is that competent vehicle that makes this journey of life plausible. What was once a boon has now become the scourge of our life? Why has everything changed? Why?

While we get our vehicles serviced regularly, we do not invest the same kind of time and effort, to get our physical body serviced from Time to Time, instead, we tend to abuse it& take it for granted until something serious surfaces!

Sedentary Lifestyle

  • pollution,
  • improper food habits,
  • stress,
  • excessive medication
  • lack of exercise,
  • bad habits… cause wear and tear.

The ensuing ill effects manifest in the form of decay and disease.

We generally take medication to heal or suppress the onslaught of diseases, but we do not address the cause behind all these visible manifestations. The root cause is the accumulation of toxins in different parts of our body. These toxins cause blockages and mutate, thus causing most of the ailments we suffer from.

The Curing Tree is designed.....

It helps all the organs back to their optimal function. It is not just about eating the right food, it’s about treating your body in a right way too, with Yoga exercises and meditation. After a detox, many people report greater mental clarity, concentration and heightened spiritual awareness. Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!

The Curing Tree offers different programs which target health issues through detoxification, diet, change in lifestyle habits, yoga, meditation, self healing therapies and more….


An overload in toxicity in the body will flow to all bodily systems, including the immune system, causing a decrease in normal functions and performance.

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7 days deep Cellular level cleansing detox program using the guidelines of Panchakarma and Panchabhuta healing for the body.It is designed to effectively promote liver and kidney, skin, blood, parasites, colon, lung detoxification

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Virtually all degenerative diseases including heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney/ gallstones and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. Cancer and many other diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment.


Beyond Lifestyle Change to Transforming Change !

The significant benefit for a lot of persons from The Curing Tree program is always that it provides the advantages to those who find life-style alterations challenging but nevertheless want to cleanse their bodies and come to feel better and healthy. These detox strategies will enhance your liver’s health; help bring in optimum energy levels; reduce lethargy, anxiety and irritability; and consequently build a stronger immune system.

Chemical Chaos

The foods we eat and the air we breathe all contain chemicals harmful to our bodies. Our systems struggle to eliminate an overload of waste products without assistance. Sluggish, under performing organs can spell trouble, but by embracing a program from The Curing Tree, we can cleanse and clear ourselves, to better equip our systems to cope.

Feeling Fine

The physical advantages of this programs are with many claiming that they have never felt better. Higher energy levels and more efficient digestion are among the most common benefits. These advantages would seem to make sense – free of its toxic burden, the body’s efficiency significantly increases.

Looking Good

Cleansing our bodies on the inside can have fantastic effects on the outside, too. Glowing, clear skin, shiny hair and strong nails have all been attributed to detox. Along with drinking more water that twinkle in your eye, is likely to result from increased intake of vitamins and nutrients, giving your system just what it needs to shine from the inside out.

Body, Mind and Soul

The advantages of this program, don’t begin and end with the physical. After a detox, many people report greater mental clarity, and a better ability to concentrate. It’s a great idea to balance your diet with some gentle Yoga, exercises and meditation, focused on calming and clearing your mind. Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!

The Long View

By encouraging a healthier diet, The Curing Tree can show the way, to a healthier lifestyle all round. Once you feel the benefits of living without alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, along with other toxins, it’s likely that you’ll want to keep some aspects of your detox, long term. Some allergy sufferers note that their symptoms clear up during a detox, helping them to identify triggers and alleviate problems on an on-going basis.

Deep Down

The benefits of the program on our organs are thought to be great. Free radicals that evade elimination and get stuck throughout our systems are gathered up and removed, and the body is freer to fight the cells that cause serious illness. By cleansing the digestive system, detox can promote healthy, more regular bowel movements and alleviate the symptoms of IBS and other similar ailments.

Through this program, energy gently resonates to every single cell because the blood does a complete circuit with the system, helping the cells to offload toxins and take up fresh new oxygen, diet and hydration. Soon after detoxing, people usually report that their indicators have improved since the toxic load that triggered them is eliminated. Power levels go up and people feel revitalized.

The very best way to determine the advantages of a detox is to try one for yourself to make your body happier by a mile. There’s no time like the present!

The Curing Tree helps you rejuvenate and know how to eat right, drink right, sleep right, handle stress, exercise, laugh and meditate. This is the way for rightful living.