Shwasa Dhyana Kriya

……a second dimensional awakening

Through which one can unravel repeated thought pattern based on the 3 pages of life and help you to still the turbulent mind. Contemplation meditation go hand in hand. Contemplation on existence brings dynamic transformation to the internal states of the mind. And a meditative state allows a concentrated mind to pass all barriers of the body and breath into a state of no mind. The initiation starts with pancha indriya and deha shuddi culminating with bhutha shuddi kriya. After this structured cleansing, the journey of the soul starts with the powerful guided meditation.

Shwasa Kriya is a transformational cleansing process which that unravels and cultivates your energies, helping you tune with the infinite, close the circuit and reach the source.

Its a 3 1/2 day weekened tranquil retreat in Sai Geetha Ashram.

Hamsamandala Kriya

……a third dimensional awakening

Once your body and mind is well tuned you are now ready to enter the door of ANANDA. The musk is in the navel, but the deer runs here and there to smell the fragrance. Even so the ocean of bliss-Ananda is within you.

In this 14 day silent retreat, you are introduced to the world of subtle energies, as all the functions of the body are under the control of these energy centers, which correspond and influence various important glands and organs. When these chakras or energy centers are locked due to deep seated traumas and fears, suppressed emotions leading to stress and past samskaras, they create a chaos in the body and mind.

After the purification of nadis or astral tubes, cleansing and energizing one-self through a simple but powerful 18 step meditation technique, we embark on a new path of spiritual evolution, transcending the earthly limitations. Through this life changing experience, the consciousness is now able to perceive the vibrations of self, as light and sound, empowering individuals to realize their full potential.