Devotees can avail the opportunity of performing Sai Rudra Lingabhisheka seva with Panchamrit, ganga jal, rudraksha, bilwa patri & lingadonda seeds under the sacred Rudraksha Tree in this Ashram. which are very dear to Lord Shiva.

In the evening at Sai Kumar Vyadhi Nivarana Ashram, special Pancha Lingabhisheka Seva is followed by Sadguruji’s Pravachan and bhajans. Later Sadguruji blesses the devotees with the sacred Trident amidst the chanting of “Om Namah Shivaya”.


The auspicious day of Sri Rama Navami is celebrated as Sri Sai Baba Jayanthi too. Special sevas are performed by devotees.

In the evening, special program is held at Dr. Sai Kumar Vyadhi Nivarana Ashram.


Vyasa Poornima’, which falls in the month of Ashadha, is considered a very sacred day since time immemorial. It is dedicated to the worship of Vyasa Maharishi, the author of the Vedas, Mahabharata (the fifth Veda) and the Bhagavata, the Puranas, Brahmasutras Guru’s mission: The Guru’s mission appears to be two-fold. The first and most important concern of the Guru is to awaken, elevate and transform the seeker.


In the evening at Sai Kumar Vyadhi Nivarana Ashram, Sadguruji performs special Sai Seva with offerings of jowar roti and red sorrel curry which is very dear to Sai Baba followed by Sadguruji’s Pravachan.


Yajna is an act of human welfare and personal redemption. Any noble deed performed together for the good of mankind is Yajna.