A culinary quest to nourish the mind, body and soul.A gathering to revive our ancestral way of cooking – cooking our first crop of the year in a sacred space with the energy of the sun and anna mantras integrating it with positive conscious thoughts, seeking good health for oneself and the entire family and its prosperity for the entire year through this ritual celebration.


Basant Panchami,marking the festival associated with Maa Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge, music, art and wisdom,a spiritual adventure was designed for kids with Saraswathi Puja, Storytelling, Music, Guided chanting, Art and Craft Workshop, Educational & Fun Games and much more…


Shiv Ratri, Celebrating the night of supreme consciousness with a spiritually enriching gathering, weaving together the threads of devotion, meditation and divine celebrations.


A celebration to savor divine wisdom,deepening the bond between the disciple and the guru, fostering a sense of humility, gratitude, and surrender on the path of spiritual growth.


Celebrating dharma triumph on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, with Naama Rama and Pallaki seva.


‘Vyasa Pournima’, which falls in the month of Ashada, is considered a very sacred day since time immemorial. It is dedicated to Vyasa Maharishi, the author of the Vedas, Mahabharata (the fifth Veda) and the Bhagavata, the Puranas, Brahmasutras.

Guru’s mission: The Guru’s mission appears to be two-fold. The first and most important concern of the Guru is to awaken, elevate and transform the seeker. The second and final purpose of the Guru is paradoxically to help the disciple seeker to transcend this state of complete dependence on the Master, which dependence the Guru himself had taken such pains to foster. The final spurt of realizing his true identity with God is exclusively the Seeker’s job.

Significance of Guru Pournima Day : The Pournima (Full Moon) Day in the month of Ashada (July) is known as Guru Pournima. This is a very sacred day on which special worship is performed to the Acharyas, Gurus, who, through their Infinite Compassion and Supreme Grace, have imparted the Knowledge of the Absolute (Brahma Vidya) through a long and continuous line of Acharyas (Guru Parampara) to all the Seekers of the Self.

Every year on the auspicious ocassion of Guru Pournima, from 5.00 P.M onwards, there will be VYASA PUJA & DIVINE MESSAGE and DARSHAN BY H.H. SADGURU SRI SRI SRI SAI KUMARJI

Note: This year GURU POURNIMA MAHOTSAVAM on Tuesday, 24th July, 202.

The Divine energy, who walked the streets of Shirdi in tattered clothes and ate left overs, who had no possessions, stayed in a dilapidated masjid, but distributed wealth, health and happiness from His tattered jholi burnt the karmas of His devotees in His ever burning dhuni. The Kaliyuga magnetic force who touches and connects with everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion is Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sri Sai Saptah Utsavam- Seven days celebration with seven different alankaras to the Divine with different rituals of special sanctity. Culminates on Guru Pournima


Darkness to eternal light, an evening to celebrate the advent of the supreme with melodious keerthans, enchanting rituals, sacred kamadhenu seva to experience the divine grace of Gopika Vallabha.


Nava-utsav means a nine day festival invoking Adi Shakti in her various forms. To slay the evil demons Lakshmi, Parvathi, Saraswathi were invoked where Sri Shakti or Maa Durga emerged. It is said that this form of Devi surpasses even the power of the Trimurthis.

According to Devi Bhagavatha almost all humans are covered with nine whorls of ignorance which prevents them from experiencing eternal bliss. The form of Sri Chakra is like a fortress with the supreme mother seated in the Garbhalaya having 9 walls each with a door. Symbolically the devotee conquers each fort (layer), similar to how Maha Durga fought Mahishasura and emerged victorious. So during these 9 days a devotee invokes the divine mother Durga’s help to surmount obstacles, pray to Maa Laxmi to bestow peace and prosperity and contemplate on Maa Saraswathi in order to gain knowledge and wisdom.

It is also said that the earth experiences her colossal presence for nine days hence she hears our prayers very easily. So, during these nine days let mother be invited into our hearts and entreat her to dispel the darkness of maya and ignite the light of knowledge.

Sai Geetha Ashram organizes the “Nava-Shakti Homam” during Navarathri in prayer to the 9 forms.

Note : This year 2022 26th Sep, to 4th October


Kushmanda is a Hindu goddess, credited with creating the world with her divine smile. Ku means “a little”, Ushma means “warmth” or “energy” and Anda means “cosmic egg”.

On Maharnavami, Ma Durga after killing the demon Mahishasur, embodies an fierceful form. Devatas try to pacify Devi Maa, by offering praises (stuthi) & perform various other rituals, but do not succeed in fully calming down the fierce embodiment of Durga .

All the Devatas offer the pumpkin as Bali-pradhanam to Her, and therefore after accepting the kushmanda Bali, Devi maa not only assumes a boon bestowing persona, but also, blesses everyone with her love filled glances. So it is said that whoever offers Kushmanda to Mahishasura Mardini on Navami they win over their inner enemies (Kama, krodha, lobha, Madha, matsarya) & outer enemies, & prosper in life.



na kartika namo maasah na devah keshavaat param.
na cha veda samam shasteam na thirtham gangaayaa

“There is no month as great as Kartika, there is no god as great as Lord Vishnu, there is no sacred river as great as the Ganga.”

Kartika is an auspicious month that comes after the razzle-dazzle of Deepavali. It is believed that any ritual, meritorious deed, japa or meditation done during this month bestows fruitful results, barren couples are blessed with children, the unmarried tie the nuptial knot, prolonged sicknesses are cured, washes away the past sins and makes life blessed. The month of Kartika is a season of week-end picnics. Tulsi Kalyanam, Satyanarayana Vratham, Vanabhojan and Deepotsav are the joyous occasions usually celebrated in this month.

Tulsi Kalyanam is performed every year at Sai Geetha Ashram. To witness or perform a divine wedding is all the more blissful in terms of value and believed to cleanse us of all negativity.

The Samuhika Satyanarayana Vratam performed on the Kartika Pournima day under the sacred trees is considered to be the most auspicious – ‘dhatri – good education, ‘rudraksha’- helps nullifies all types of afflictions, ‘Kadamba’ – clears karmic influences, ‘Kalpa’ – fulfils  noble desires, ‘Shami’ – ensures success in endeavors, ‘Krishna Marri’ … etc. Keeping in view the close bond between man and the green cover on the earth, it is a rare treat to perform this ritual under the canopy of the sacred lush greenary of Sai Geetha Ashram to ensure abundance in one’s life.

Instead of the modern picnics of enjoyment and merry-making, the ancient system of vana-bhojan is to inculcate in people to spend their time in a good way and worship Mother nature. People offer food very devoutedly either to the gooseberry, peepul or banyan tree and partake the consecrated food in a gathering. This practice in the midst of nature has come to be known as Vana-bhojan.

The supreme effulgence of Kartika Deepam is kindled in this month. Lighting this lamp signifies the annihilation of the inherent negative qualities. The flame of this light radiates infinite energy of positive currents and will illumine your life, spreading joy and peace in your family. Lamp our light through Kartika. On Kartika pournima Laksha Deepotsavam is organised in Dr. Sai Kumar Vyadhi Nivarana Ashram.

You can avail the opportunity to book Vana - bhojanam in any one of the days of this masam.


Yajna is an act of human welfare and personal redemption. Any noble deed performed together for the good of mankind is Yajna.


Birthday / Wedding Anniversary

Owing to the rhythm of the universal forces, a person is supposed to have a special receptivity of cosmic energy on these significant days. Sai Geetha Ashram provides an avenue to thank nature for all that it is giving us. So, you can celebrate your Birthday or Wedding Anniversary differently? One can avail the opportunity of performing Abhisheka, Archana, and ‘Ayush Homam’, on your birthday or lakshmi Ganapathi Mrityunjaya Homam on your wedding anniversary. You may also undertake charitable acts like Sai Anna Prasada Seva or any other form of charity.

If in case you are not able to attend the program on your special days, pujas will be performed on your Name and Gotham.

Pitru Shanti Puja

According to the – Puranas, in a family set-up, there are bound to be bitter quarrels over domestic issues, property matters, matrimonial alliances, sharing of wealth etc. On many such occasions, the offspring may act against family tradition and flout all rules governing it. As a result of which, we experience unhappiness and undergo a lot of stress, effecting even future generations. It becomes imperative that one performs “Pitru Shanti Puja” to appease the souls of grieving ancestors and free oneself from the influence of these debilitating forces that wreak havoc in our lives. Apart from the puja performed under the specific trees, one must also give alms in charity like food, clothes, household articles etc. On every New Moon Day or according to the thithi and on Mahalaya Amavasya day, Pitru Shanti puja is performed to appease the Pitru Devatas – deities governing the regions inhabited by the souls of our ancestors.