Kalyanim manussantate rajgathithaam, Chandhomayeem gyanadham
Tatvagyaana susampradaaya, Jananeem sarvaatmikaam haindaveem
Chaitanyaadhika roopineem vasuyuthaam, Seve sadaa bhaaratheem
Maatarmaam suthayogya maanishatham,
Deehithi samprarthayee.

Blessed are those who have taken birth on the land of Bharat (India), an embodiment of purity. Our sacred motherland, India, with her luminous history, dating back to thousands of years, has the good fortune of receiving the Lords Infinite Grace. A land whose soft earth is constantly rendered holy by the Lotus feet of God – incarnates and enriched by the divine legacies of Immortal Truths left behind by the Supreme Incarnations unparalled in the world for the eternal good of mankind.


As an infant Sadguruji was named him ‘Sai’ by his parents. It was divine providence that the decision was taken, despite the fact that none of them knew about Sai Baba, in the early 40’s then. Later, when he joined school, his teacher added ‘Kumar’ and made it ‘Sai Kumar.’ From childhood, Sadguruji loved nature and would spend hours observing the sky, stars and trees. The search went on. Several strange thoughts flashed across this little boy Sai Kumar’s mind. One day a yogi with grey hair, in the guise of a mad man fascinated the young Sai Kumar.

Children passing by, pelted stones at Him assuming Him to be mad. He in turn started pelting stones and spitting at them. But for the young Sai Kumar, He did not seem to be an insane person. He experienced an instant connection between both of them and started skipping school and followed Him regularly. The yogi would discourage him from this by pelting stones and spitting spitting at him.Undeterred by all this, Sai Kumar continued to follow Him. One fine day, he reached an isolated place in Athvelli village in Medchal taluq of Ranga Reddy district of Telangana State. The yogi sat down with His back leaning to a Berrow Tree. The tree which had dried up years back, upon the touch of the yogi, revived back to life and was resplendent with fruits. Witnessing this spectacular scene the young Sai Kumar understood that He was a Maha Yogi in the guise of a mad man. Sai Kumar decided not to leave His company. In order to obtain His grace, Sai Kumar sat in front of Him with his hands clasped in reverence.

 The Maha Yogi started to suddenly spit on him. The saliva had the fragrance of sandalwood. The Maha Yogi kept doing this from morning to afternoon. The young Sai Kumar’s clothes and body became wet with His saliva.

There was no change in him and continued to sit there with clasped hands. The Maha Yogi moved and spoke to Sai Kumar for the first time, questioning him, if His saliva was not repulsive. The young Sai Kumar was delighted to hear His loving and sweet voice. When he nodded his head in denial, the Maha Yogi put His hand on Sai Kumar’s head and caressed him lovingly. His miraculous touch made him forget himself. Satpurushas bestow their grace through their touch, word and vision. Sadguruji was truly fortunate to be in the presence of one such Satpurusha – Guru Ram Baba Bairagi. Overjoyed young Sai Kumar spent several days of sadhana near the Maha Yogi.When he was only twelve he wished to be in isolation and perform penance in the serenity of the forests. Sai Kumar invoked his Guru Ram Baba Bairagi, who immediately appeared in front of him, understood his predicament and took him to the forests in Kerala. This was in the 1950’s. The young Sai Kumar visited Idukki, Anamudi, Pamba; spent the nights under trees and eat fruits and edible roots available there. While travelling through these dense forests, he came across some unique and astonishing learning experiences…………..

For more details read the book ‘The Tree Master’


Sadguruji established Dr. Sai Kumar Vyadhi Nivarana Ashram in 1973 at Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad where a 6 ft.marble idol of Sai Baba was installed with due ceremony on Thursday the 6th May 1982.


Sadguruji established his second venture “Sai Geetha Ashram” in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1987, healing many people through more than 500 sacred trees planted by him.