3 days stay @ TCT
Wondering still do you really need it !

We generally take medication to heal or suppress the onslaught of diseases, forgetting to address the root cause! Root cause is the accumulation of toxins in different parts of our body. These toxins cause blockages and mutate, thus causing most of the ailments we suffer from.

TCT treatments target health issues through detoxification, diet, change in lifestyle habits, yoga, meditation, self healing therapies and more….

Incredible Journey of Life

Ours is incredible journey of life from  birth, infancy , childhood, adolescence, adulthood & Old age , The human body, a wonderful gift of God, is that competent vehicle that makes this journey of life plausible,  But , What was once a boon has now become the scourge of our life?

Why has everything changed? Why?


While we get our vechiles serviced regularly we do not spare the same kind of time and effort, to get our physical body serviced. Instead of using it, we tend to abuse it. The body does not complain but throws up various illnesses.

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We are living in Sea of Toxins, Toxins are caused due various factors like sedentary lifestyle, pollution, improper food habits, stress, excessive medication, lack of exercise, addictions genetically modified foods , mobile radiations … cause wear and tear. The ensuing ill effects manifest in the form of decay and disease.


Constantly feeling tired, Get irritated /Angry easily , Allergies & Frequent headaches, Hormonal, Sleep, digestive, cognitive disorders, premenstrual syndrome, Bad Breathe / Body odor, loss of mental clarity & motivation, increase in acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions, muscle aches or pain.

Do any of these ring a bell,
then it’s time for a detox !

  • 3 Night accommodation
  • Educational Talks
  • Pre and Post cleanse Consultations
  • Cleansing and Purification Treatments
  • Foot Bath
  • Light Meals , Herbal Teas , Herbal Supplements
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Feel Free
  • Indoor Games
  • Nature walks