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Ancient Vriksha Kriya which focuses on spiritual enlightenment and physical fitness of a human being.

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Inner Balance

Shwasa Dhyana Kriya–Through which one can unravell repeated thought pattern of 3 pages of life.

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Health and Wellness

Cleanse….. to eliminate toxins, strengthen immune system, slow premature aging………

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Letsplayyoga(Age:10-18 years)

Yoga Vacation(Age: Above 18 years)

200Hrs Yoga

An Opportunity to receive the teacher training based on traditional gurukula system. Deepen your connection & Open yourself to profound inner transformation.


of Life

An opportunity to engage in the service of the divine through Yajnas, Pujas and Sevas.


Lakhs of Devotees assemble at 3p.m on the last sunday of december each year in Sai Geetha Ashram and together break the coconuts to shatter negativities and to appease Panchamahabhutas and Mother Earth.