Let Nature Nurture



'Breathe in and enhance your understanding

of how life unfolds around you'

– Through  SGA’s

Vriksha Shwasa Kriya

Rewire-Retool-Retune into limitless possibilities in this fast paced world with a quick & effective technique VSK. Touch the Tree- Feel the Sun – inhale Positivity- Exhale Negativity, A process that connects, grounds, cleanse, Charge and sync the being with Nature resulting in thy upgraded version !


Vriksha Shwasa Kriya

introduced by H.H.Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumarji

in the year 1967.

Technique includes the purification of 72,000 nadis, magnified when the rays of the sun fall on us through the branches of the tree. The palpable energy that emanates with the culmination of Shwasa (Breath) is Vriksha Shwasa Kriya.

Scientific Technique

The sufficient research and awareness about  tree therapies.



All nature is solar-powered, the Light particles (Photons ) from Sun rays when fall on the leaf  causes a life stirring known process of Photosynthesis.



The nucleus of the trees get energized & synthesizes smaller molecules into complex molecular structures like glucose, vitamins, minerals, etc become source of energy to Man.



– Humanity thrives on the energy from the sun. When VSK is accentuated with Surya Mukhi it culminates with Shwasa (Breath)  which inturn attracts the principal of  the sun within us.



VSK recharges and helps balance Ida & Pingala enabling chakra cleansing & charge.

It’s Evident & Tangible

  • Improved clarity & focus
  • Enhanced feeling of oneness with the cosmos
  • Strengthening of weak constitution in body
  • Multi-dimensional process stimulates physiological & psychological wellness
  • Rhythmically sync’s the fire within balancing body, mind & soul.
  • Embarks the journey of your quest to all round wellness & well-being.
  • Sun+Tree +VSK activates 7 chakras
  • Activate chakra blockages caused by various reasons
  • Energizes Chakra related organs

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