Annadana Seva

“Annad bhavanti bhootani”. Sri Krishna in the Bhagvat Gita says ‘From food all beings are evolved’, Charity in the form of annadanam is a way to contribute to the life itself, things like clothes & shelter affect the quality of life, the absence of food can snatch life itself. You may contribute to SGA’s Annadana Seva performed every Thursday, the number of people fed will be depending upon your generous contribution made. Participate in this supreme & inimitable charity, win good karma & countless blessings.

Ayur Yogic Treatments

SGA conducts free Ayurvedic treatments since 40 plus years ‘Ayur Yogic camps’ every Sunday for eyes related problems, knee pains, sinusitis, migraine, also conducts free health camps in rural areas & in the ashram itself on special occasions, distributes free medicine for Asthama related problems on Mrigasira Kartheek day which is proven to be beneficial in improving lung capacity & healing breathing problems. Donations made under this category will be utilised for the health care activities.

Gau Seva

Indian Scriptures portray the cow to be gift of God, it is believed to have all the pilgrimages inside her & hence serving Cow is serving the Lord himself. You can extend your contribution either as ‘Gaudan’ or towards ‘Cow Feeding Program’
Note :Its not only important to donate a cow but also its calf & provide financial support to maintain the cow & calf, this donation is the highest form of donation which confers immense blessings of wealth, well-being and prosperity upon you and your successors.


The manifestation of energy, the symbol of ' chidagni'or' Cosmic Energy', of which the whole universe is made. it burns down the karmic afflictions of devotees, & heals miraculously by averting planetary afflictions that cause hindrances in one’s life and grants peace, health, wealth, harmony, prosperity and success. The 'Dhuni' kindled by Sadguruji through the rays of the Sun is perpetually burning at Sai Geetha Ashram since decades. Your contributions for the purchase of wood and pure ghee as your offerings to Dhuni is most welcome. May Sadguru Sai babaji blessings be on you & your family for ever.

TCT sponsorship

“The process is calming, soothing & therapeutic experience for Body, Mind & Soul, it helped me to detoxify just not at physical level but mental & emotional levels, its simple, better, painless, & the most effective wellness program i have taken ever, i will make it a habit to come here every year!” This is what our participant's say about the TCT Wellness programs & we are sure it resonates with you! Yes, then here is the opportunity to gift the joy of a wellness retreat to your loved ones, friends or anyone who needs it the most. So amaze them with a life time experience with ‘The Curing Tree’ and you can now sponsor them for any of the wellness programmes at ‘The Curing Tree.’ An indescribable and irreplaceable gift of wellness helps in restoring the health, you will gift them the most precious 'Me-time' , you gift them the peaceful moments amidst the serene atmosphere of 500 plus divine trees you gift them their New being... and lets co create a life full of wellness

Contributions are eligible for exemption under 80G of income tax.


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