It is the rare and unique indeed to have a GURU who himself is a parent. The greatness and significance of daughter/disciple relationship with the GURU is beyond description.

Myriads of colorful flowers bloom in full splendor. But the gardener chooses only that splendid flower which is beautiful, vibrant with its fragrance reaching far and wide. He places that tender flower on the divine altar and that crowning glory is MA SRIKEERTHI. Since Srikeerthi is a great seeker, a melodious singer and with her soulful bhajans, She intoxicates the minds of the assembled crowd with Bhakti rasa. She is versatile writer and an eloquent speaker her first public lecture on the topic What is Bhakti? was at the age of 9. She is very enterprising, an able administrator, a dynamic leader and above all, a loving and caring mother to all. Born to a great soul, virtues like love, forgiveness, tolerance, fortitude, courage, humility, reverence are naturally inherent to her. With her strenuous efforts and zeal, the development of the ashram is commendable.
31.01.2010, Sunday was the occasion of her endorsement as the Uttaradhikari. Sai Geetha Ashram wore a festive look. The havan kund was decorated very beautifully. A red carpet was laid on the path leading to the Dais from the havan kund and was decorated with colourful flowers and festoons. All arrangements were made as per the scriptures. First and foremost, the Sri Ganesha Homam was performed amidst the chanting of Vedic hymns, in the divine presence of Sadguruji. Later MA SRIKEERTHI was given a ceremonial bath with the sacred water consecrated by the Vedic pundits followed by Paada Puja to her Divine Parents. Lo! What a blessed soul she is to be born as the daughter of such a great Guru- H.H.Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumarji. After all this, Sadguruji. Guru Mata and Srikeerthi were escorted on to the dais. The auspicious moment had arrived.
While the air was reverberating with the Vedic hymns and the sound of the nadaswaram, the pinnacle of the event was outpouring of the colourful flowers and petals over MA SRIKEERTHI while she bejwelled the Uttaradhikari peetham. The entire festivity went on splendidly right in the divine presence of Sadguruji and the delight of every one witnessing the spectacular scene has no confines. It was like a celestial event and the entire gathering of devotees were so overwhelmed that they kept on clapping. Meanwhile the pundit announced thrice the name of SRIKEERTHIJI as a mark of christening the Uttaradhikari. Later, devotees greeted her with garlands and fruits expressing their tremendous joy and pleasure. In this way the anointing ceremony of adorning the Uttaradhikari Peetham ended on a grand note.
The Vriksha Shwasa Kriya, Plug-in, Shwasa Dhyana Kriya, Hamsa Mandala Kriya classes brought into limelight by MA SRIKEERTHI is a boon to many people to protect themselves from many an ailment and empower their inherent energy. The meditation classes undertaken by her is stupendous. In the initial stages of meditation, when aspirants face some hurdles, they become perplexed and remain confused, not knowing how to overcome them. For such aspirants, she shows them simple methods to overcome and brings to light the power of positive energy and encourages them in their sadhana. In this way, she shows the path to be happy and courageous amidst all the vicissitudes of life.
She has successfully implemented the Sri Sai Saptah Utsavam during the auspicious Guru Poornima festival.
Being an Ayurvedic doctor under the guidance of Sadguruji The Curing Tree was established that offers New Life – 3 day Program, Taming the toxins – 7 day Program, pH Balance – 7 day Program, where patients with ailments or need to rejuvenate get admitted here for relief. Many come to get rejuvenated or just find an answer to their ailments. A dedicated team works round the clock to ensure the best for the patients. As a educationist she is personally involved in Sunflower Vedic School implementing value based education.
With the blessings of Shiridi Sai Baba, MA SRIKEERTHI is shouldering the responsibility with great commitment and dedication and is a beacon light, standing as a ray of hope in their wearied lives. Walking in the footsteps of Sadguruji, she has undertaken all his projects and is on the path of completing them successfully.