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The Curing Tree is an SGA’s Wellness center serving various participants since decades , Team of dedicated & inspired practitioners work together to personalize your health care.

Treatment Programs focus on the approach that work inside out , involving waste elimination , Organ Cleansing , & Health Restoration , enabling body to work as optimally & Heal naturally .

It is not just about eating the right food, it’s about treating your body in a right way too, with Yoga exercises & meditation.

Remember that a healthy body deserves a healthy mind to match!

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New Life

A quick fix matching your busy schedule 3 Days stay @ TCT , Including Colon Cleansing, Fasting , jucing, Detox Ayurvedic supplements, alternative treatments.

Taming the Toxins

7 days deep cellular level cleansing program designed on the guidelines of Panchakarma & Panchabhuta effectively promoting liver, kidney, lung, skin, blood, gut and colon detoxification.

ph Balance

7 Days body alkalizing program . All degenerative diseases like heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney/ gallstones & tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body.

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