Demystifing the Chakras : Understand the inherent world of subtle energies, governing all functions of human body &how it influences regulates & rectifies the functioning of the glands & organs through its energy centers.

Calm to your chaos : Know the reasons of energy blockages or Locks caused mostly due to deep seated traumas & fears, suppressed emotions leading to stress & past samskaras, creating chaos in the body & mind. HMK gives the Key to help unlock & restore the balance back.

Journey : By purification of the nadis or astral tubes, cleansing and energizing through a simple and powerful 18 step meditation technique, within a Mandala, can awaken you to a new realm of life.

Tattvam Asi :And then starts a new phase of spiritual evolution in reality it is now only that the real journey begins. The conscious is so clear and aware that we are able to perceive the vibration of self as light and sound. This unforgettable experience changes lives fundamentally and permanently. Know Thyself & experience the Supreme Bliss ‘ANANDA’.

Recharge Retreat : Its a 14 day silent retreat to pause and focus
(for Dhyana Sadhakas only)