The benevolent Lord has provided Man with perfect solutions. Through the medium of the Vedic seers, He has enlightened us on ways and means to arrive at these solutions, by embedding them in the sacred Scriptures.

A fundamental question implicitly raised in these ancient Scriptures is – what is the unifying factor of the entire cosmos through which redemption can be sought? Indeed, Yagna is the abiding principle that sustains the entire creation, the unifying power that links the creature with the creator, the microcosm with the macrocosm. Offerings are made to gods and they bestow blessings in turn. This is how the cosmic balance and order is maintained. Underlying all of this is the unity between all forms of creation and their essential relationship with the One Supreme Self, realized through the process of yagna.

Yajna, literally means, ‘to offer’. Yajna is the act of showing reverence to the Cosmic Powers and Divine Energies through invocations, prayers, Vedic rites and rituals including Fire ceremony called ‘Homa’, mantra recitation, and special offerings, with a specific Sankalpa or resolve. The Vedas signify the philosophy of the eternity and complementarity of Yagna in the divine creation, and as to how it has a far-reaching effect that encompasses physical, psychological, social, spiritual and ecological spheres, causing purification at all these levels. Yagna can help cure diseases, destroy enemies, control turmoil, seek divine assistance for solving problems that defy mundane solutions, grant peace to the departed souls and achieve tasks that seem impossible otherwise.

The act of sacrificing and sublimating herbs in the sacrificial fire has a much wider and deeper meaning. It is our way of giving back to ‘Nature’. Apart from the outer physical process, yagna has a hidden inner spiritual aspect of worshipping the higher God or one’s own inner Self. It is to recognize one’s inherent Divinity and offer all of one’s negative vasanas as a sacrificial offering at the sacred altar of one’s mind. Just as fire purifies everything it touches so also the ahuti (offerings) put in the flame symbolically gestures our “impurities” – our 6 negative characteristics (enemies) – kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobh (greed), moha (attachment), mada or ahankar (pride) and matsarya (jealousy); which prevent man from attaining moksh, peace and happiness. Let us pray to God to purify us as pure as the offerings given to Agni. It is through the realization and application of this principle through a scientific method in yagna, that its benefits are reaped, which also obviates planetary influences and balances the five elements of nature (Pancha mahabhutas).

Yajnas can be used to bring down the cosmic energy through the five elements. Yagna, therefore, is a promising scientific, cost effective, and eco-friendly method to counter the ever-increasing deadly pollution of the environment, and also to purify & enrich it with healthy ingredients.Read More

Yajna is known to reduce 77.5% of environmental pollution. The fumigation, vaporization and subtilisation of specific substances in the yajna-fire constitute a verifiable scientific method of sublimation of matter and expansion of its colloidal state, generates ions and energyRead More

Yagna is that medium via which medicines that are both nourishing and brimming with divine qualities can be transported to the very subtle centers of the body, mind and soul. Science has proved while other medical treatments cannot reach those centers where the roots of subtle disease Read More

It renews the brain cells. It also acts as a cerebral stimulant in controlling and curing many mental disorders. According to Dr. Hafkine, the smoke produced by burning the mixture of ghee, sugar and materials from plants and trees kills the germs of certain diseases; inhaling it from Read More

Yajna is very useful in making life more progressive and thus improving the quality of relationships in life. It diffuses negative energies and brings into play the divine support. The Vibrations created by the sound energy of mantras help destroy the hostility in us thus helping in Read More

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that the results of yagna are equivalent to nectar, which when drunk by yogis elevates them to a state of perennial bliss. It is said that all actions, excluding yagna, are the cause of bondage and it is only through performance of yagna that Read More