Age Group: 10-18 Years

Play....Move....Meditate...with the
7 Days Yoga camp @ Sai Geetha Ashram


In the last 50 years, yoga has become very popular all around the globe and people are fascinated to learn yoga at its roots. More people have an understanding of the benefits it brings to its practitioners, and given that there are so many variations there is a type of yoga for everyone, but what about kids?

Is there Yoga even for the kids?? The Answer is yes…

When yoga is presented using a child’s language and their incredible ability, enthusiasm and imagination then yoga based classes will teach children about the power within themselves, physically and mentally. It will give children a lifetime toolbox of techniques to; self-calm, energise, be in the moment and accept – traits which can help navigate life’s challenges.

Why is yoga important for kids?



When a child practices yoga he tends to place his eyes on different parts of the body in order to achieve the asana.  This action in itself increases concentration and develops the capacity of the brain to focus. Clarity of mind is achieved through concentration and therefore, intellectually, the children can reap the benefits of yoga.



Children should practice deep breathing to help them throughout the day, whether they’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, need to relax or go to sleep, to calm their body after exercising, or even just to pause and reset when they are high energy. Taking deep, deliberate breaths can calm a person physically and mentally. Deep breathing techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system (part of the nervous system that controls reactions to stress), as well as redirect the mind to a simple task, distracting from anxious thoughts.


Physical activity

It is easier to form healthy habits at an earlier age than trying to modify them later, so starting children in yoga earlier in life will increase their chances of adopting it as a permanent (and even preferred) activity over time. Technology has brought with it a more sedentary life, and children are not immune. It is therefore extremely important to encourage physical activity. Yoga for kids has the advantage of being very adaptable.



Yoga helps children to be more confident and strengthen their willpower and children who do yoga regularly are calmer, less impulsive and aggressive, and better able to deal with stressors. It helps to elevate and foster a child’s self expression, imagination and self confidence skills, as they are in a safe space to explore without judgment or a sense of right or wrong.

With Let’s Play Yoga program now in Hyderabad, immerse yourself fully in the yogic lifestyle and to dive deep into the ancient teachings of India.

Come to experience the profound benefits that yoga brings to mind, body and spirit. Leave behind your stress and strains of daily life and rediscover the joy of living in the idyllic setting of a traditional Indian Ashram. Discover new ways of thinking and increase your spiritual knowledge through daily talks during the stay. Clear all your doubts with individual guidance from our trained teachers.

The calming atmosphere of the ashram will help you discover your true nature and develop skills to improve the health of body and mind.
Increase your vitality, positivity, and ease of being as a result of daily yoga practice, healthy vegetarian diet, silent meditation sessions, and many more yoga sessions even for the young beginners.

There are special designed tasks for each and every age group from 10 -18 yrs.
Some of the Activities during the stay involve:

  • One day Chef
  • Healing Art
  • Feel Free
  • Quite moments
  • Fun Walk
  • Stage Act
  • Sanctity Trip
  • Train your Brain
  • Serving Hands
  • Know Your Self
  • Overcome Inhibitions and more……..

Guidelines :

7 days Stay @ Sai Geetha Ashram

Maintaining a positive spiritual atmosphere requires the involvement and participation of all guests and staff. In this regard we request your cooperation in observing the following rules and guidelines.

Please note the below :

  • Age group- 10 – 18 yrs . Must be physically mobile to take part in this programme.
  • Please do not carry any other food items to the venue.
  • Check in and check out will be notified post registration .
  • Must carry One passport size photograph and a copy of Aadhaar Card/Pancard.
  • Adhere to the Dress code: No sleeveless tops & shorts.
  • Simple vegetarain meals will be served.
  • Carry Sufficient clothing, walking shoes/ slipper, bathroom slippers , basic toiletries , towels and Suitable clothing for yoga sessions also.
  • Avoid getting valuable items; management doesn’t own the responsibility for the loss of any items.
  • Refund on cancellation or during the programme is not applicable, but can take part in a similar program later.

COVID Safety Guidelines

We are delighted to welcome you to Sai Geetha Ashram!

Please contact – 9095777879 for any enquiry.

As per government guidelines, we are not accepting children under the age of 10.

Participant must get a negative COVID (RT PCR) test. The test must be done not more than 4 days (96 hours) before reaching the ashram. The original test result should be presented during check-in.

Please notify us regarding late arrival .


  • We advocate travelling via properly sanitised private cabs/any other transport.
    At the Ashram.
  • Participants will be checked for basic symptoms upon arrival, during check-in, and daily thereafter. The original COVID (RT PCR) test result should be presented during check-in.
  • There is no quarantine requirement in the ashram, but the guidelines on hand sanitising, use of masks, and social distancing (SMS) must always be followed.
  • During all activities and in the shared accommodation areas, we shall follow the MoHFW social distancing guidelines.
  • Participants will not be allowed to leave the ashram grounds during their stay.
  • Along with the above points, general hygiene standards in accordance with MoHFW protocol shall be followed in the ashram.
  • During all activities and in the shared accommodation areas, we shall follow the MoHFW social distancing guidelines.
  • Participants are always expected to keep a mask and hand sanitiser with them and use their own yoga mat and towels.
  • Along with the above points, general hygiene standards in accordance with MoHFW protocol shall be followed in the ashram.
  • Masks, sanitisers, yoga mats are available for purchase in iccha boutique.
  • The ashram reserves the right to ask participants not adhering to the safety protocols to leave the ashram.

We appreciate your cooperation to ensure a safe environment for all in the ashram.

PROGRAM DATES  – Subject to Pandemic