Pure Science

The Mindful walks and gentle deep breathing sessions under green canopy will awaken the healthier & Happier you.. Come get synced with Nature.

Have a date with a tree- through PLUG-IN


Reset & Reconnect

Therapy of hugging & connecting with  vibes /signals produced by a Tree regulates blood pressure, improves heart rate & strengthens immunity. The sights, sounds and smells of the trees take us right into that moment, so our brains stop anticipating, recalling, ruminating and worrying and experience a profound state of calmness.


The Enhanced Experience

Engage in various therapeutic techniques & spiritually uplifting activities like Befriending a tree, Grounding, Communicating, energizing the left & right hemisphere of the brain……& more.

Experience nature with all your senses and watch yourself getting addicted to it for life.


Appreciate Life

Connect with Earth & nature around you , ‘Earthing and Tree bathing ‘ gives a way to reset our natural electromagnetic fields and helps in grounding. Tree bathing is scientifically proven to eliminate anxiety, reduce dopamine, cortisol levels & calm the Body & Mind.

Day in Plug In :

  • Day Starts at 6:00 A.M.
  • Walks amidst trees by immersing oneself in to nature.
  • Inhale phytoncides released by the trees.
  • Learn about the history, facts of healing from Trees, the Web of roots & many other jaw dropping facts on how the trees are integral for the Human existence !
  • Retire through self  guided meditation, led by Ma Srikeerthi.
  • Yes, this scientific therapy partly resonates with most popularly known Japanese Forest Bathing technique Shinrinyoko.
  • Minimum 40 member group bookings are also WELCOME.
  • * Lunch is provided.