Let Nature Nurture



``Enhance your understanding

of how life unfolds around you'

– Through  SGA’s

Vriksha Shwasa Kriya

– first dimensional awakening….

Rewire-Retool-Retune into limitless possibilities in this fast paced world with an effective technique VSK. Touch the Tree- Feel the Sun – Inhale – Exhale, a process that connects, grounds, cleanse, charge and syncs your being with Nature resulting in thy upgraded version !

Certificates will be issued post practical & written exam conducted.


Vriksha Shwasa Kriya

Introduced by H.H.Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumarji

in the year 1967.

Technique includes the purification of 72,000 nadis, magnified when the rays of the sun fall through the branches of the tree. The palpable energy that emanates with the culmination of Shwasa (Breath) is Vriksha Shwasa Kriya.

Scientific Technique

There is sufficient research and awareness about  tree therapies all over the world today.



All nature is solar-powered, the Light particles (Photons ) from Sun rays when fall on the leaf  causes a life stirring known process of Photosynthesis.



The nucleus of the trees get energized & synthesizes smaller molecules into complex molecular structures like glucose, vitamins, minerals, etc become source of energy to Man.



– Humanity thrives on the energy from the sun. When VSK is accentuated with Surya Mukhi and culminates in Shwasa (Breath),  inturn attracts the principal of  the sun within us.



VSK recharges and helps balance Ida & Pingala enabling chakra cleansing.

It’s Evident & Tangible

  • Shwasa means to inhale and exhale. Life is absolutely dependent upon breath. From the first faint breath of the infant to the last gasp of the dying person, it is one long stretch of continued shwasa or breath. From the womb to the tomb, life is totally dependent upon shwasa. Shwasa is the external manifestation of the prana shakti in us. In 24 hrs a day, we breathe in and out 21,600 times that is, in one hour we breathe in and out 900 times, in 1 minute we breathe in and out 15 times. But our life span doesn’t depend on how many times we breath in and out. The more rhythmically we breathe, life is open to many possibilities. VSK if practiced the entire internal system is cleansed, blood is purified and there is more of oxygenation. The added bonus is a Calm Mind, Enchanced feeling of oneness with the cosmos.
  • Chanting along with the rhythmic flow of your Shwasa helps to activate the subtle energy centres in your body which are responsible for maintaining good health of the body and mind. Different types of yoga like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga and mudras when performed under trees the intensity, sensitivity & receptivity awareness of the chakras is magnified.
  • Practising this high technique under trees, when the rays of the sun falls on them at the time of sunrise or sunset, helps to activate also the seven chakras, which may be blocked due to various reasons thereby energizing the related organs and helps them to function well and heal the body by itself. For example : Arjuna tree is choosen for heart ailments, Blackberry tree for diabetes, Adusa tree for respiratory problems and so on…, For more details read Chakra Shwasa book.
  • Vriksha Shwasa Kriya leads you to the door of possibilities. VSK offers you an opportunity to prevent ailments which arise due to wear and tear, stress and strain, which is prominent in the body and mind surfacing as B.P., Diabetes, Migraine, Headaches, Cervical spondillyits, Sciatica, Allergies, Malignanacy, Tuberculosis. Sedentary lifestyle, long hours at the computer, junk food, lack of exercise..etc which aggravates health conditions, for we don’t follow the laws of nature. Astounding results can be experienced with people having chronic ailments. Its a multi-dimensional process that stimulates physiological and physiological wellness by strengtheing a weak constitution of one’s body.
  • Regular practice when done under trees in perfect symmetry with least amount of resistance or friction  is phenomenal. Though physical its a spiritual process that rhythmically sync’s the fire within by balancing body, mind & soul. Thereby starting the journey of your sadhana too.
  • Vriksha Shwasa Kriya adopts the principles of grounding. We can experience that earth has the power to absorb all the sick energy from the soles of the feet or through mooladhara chakra. This when filtered through the roots of the tree gets converted with the cosmic energy of the sun inundating the body with renewed energies.

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