Just as every man gets his admission and egress cards along with his birth, even so he carries with him his history card containing the negative effects of his karmic afflictions, either by way of ‘Nakshatra Dosh’ (time of birth), ‘Navagraha Dosh’ (planetary influences in life), ‘Sthaan Dosh’ (a place that weakens one’s growth in life), ‘Marga Dosh’, ‘Pitru Dosh’, ‘Vaastu Dosh’, (that plays havoc in the buildings not constructed as per Vaastu norms) and various other afflictions caused by ‘Krimi Dosh’, ‘Keetaka Dosh’, ‘Pashu Dosh’, ‘Pakshi Dosh’, ‘Jalachara Dosh’, ‘Nara Dosh’(harming living creatures). All these bring in animosities towards one another, disturbed relationships, ill fame, ill health, financial losses, and obstacles in endeavours… For those who came to him, in search of a cure for their sufferings, Sadguruji invited them to join him in this ritual, to help enable them to overcome the afflictions that were tormenting them. They did accordingly, and the positive results were visible instantaneously.

The trickle turned into a downpour. From just a few, to hundreds, to thousands, to lakhs the numbers just grew. It was thus in the past few years the whole ritual metamorphosed into its current form of community prayer ceremony. As years passed by, this traditional ritual adopting the doctrines of Sanatana Dharma, propelled by the fuel of ‘faith’, has surpassed the barriers of tradition and has moved into higher dimensions of Cosmic Evolution. The magnitude of the potent dynamic energies thus generated, has grown to gigantic proportions. This everlasting and invincible divine power is immensely capable of shattering afflictions (sarva dosha) pertaining not only to man, but also to Nature and the entire Cosmos. This is truly, The SARVA DOSHA NIVARANA MAHA YAJNA!

Before the advent of modern times, communicable diseases such as cholera, measles, plague etc. were rampant in India. Sadguruji’s native village in Medchal, also frequently fell prey to these diseases. At the tender age of seven he was a witness to this ugly form of massacre in the guise of disease. His compassionate heart was truly moved by the plight of the victims, and the families of those, who lost their loved ones. Fortified by a divine resolve to serve, SADGURUJI went to the temple of the local village Goddess with a fervent sankalpa seeking protection for the remaining grieved families. At an auspicious moment, He broke a coconut, urging the Goddess to protect the people of the village. He was able to perceive the beneficial effects immediately. A seed, was thus sown. In the past 54 years the seed germinated into a boon bestowing Kalpa Vriksha sheltering lakhs of devotees under its canopy.

In order to help mitigate the countless sufferings of the people at large, the Yagna is performed on the last Sunday of December every year. The profound and sublime yagna, the first of its kind in the world, started by PUJYA SADGURU SRI SRI SRI SAI KUMAR BABAJI in 1964 thus, took shape as ‘SARVA DOSHA NIVARANA MAHA YAJNA’ is continuing every year since 54 years. It has grown from a collective gathering of three people to lakhs of devotees. Faith, devotion and surrender has strengthened this yajna not only to help subjugate karmic afflictions, but also co-create one’s positive karma. This Maha Yajna is a boon for world peace, fulfilling one’s cherished desires, very effective in atoning for ones’ known or unknown sins, getting relief from the curses of ancestors through the channel of repentance (Kshama Biksha).

The core programme is the mass congregation of devotees from all walks of life, offer en-masse prayers and concurrently break coconuts all at the same time, which finally concludes with the Mangala Arathi offered to all the Devatas. The coconut also known as the “KARVAGAVALLI” is one of the KALPA VRIKSHAS gifted to Bhu-loka by Sri Maha Vishnu. It is referred to as a Kalpa Vriksha mainly because of its utility for mankind in its totality. Unlike some trees like mango…..whose soiled seeds are used for germination, the harvest of the coconut tree has a unique method of its own. The coconut is considered to be very sacred and significant and hence used in every festival, ceremony and ritual as well as for eliminating negative afflictions. Owing to its intrinsic power, the breaking of the coconut is given utmost importance in this maha yajna which symbolizes the shattering of cosmic negative forces and afflictions and receiving in abundance the ethereal benevolence of the Divine. This is not only for individual benefit but also for universal peace and harmony (Vishwa shanti).

So Breaking of the coconut shatters negativities, appeases pancha mahabhutas, especially Mother Earth