“Even if I’m hurled with stones or beheaded callously, I made your world a better place . In the entire creation I had been your cradle, and Ah! I’m with you in your last journey of life too”. O! Heartless man all that I want is you, to just Ask Me and and protect me for together only. We can surivive. To know exactly how, when and where to pray, according to the nature of our needs, is what brings the desired results. When the right method is applied, it sets in motion the proper laws of the Divine; the operation of these laws scientifically bears results.

The act of praying together brings us into God’s presence in a fuller dimension than when we pray alone. When a group does the prayer the energy is multiplied. While a single blade of grass is fragile, a rope made of several strands of hay can help tie an elephant. Likewise, group prayers are very powerful and can achieve the impossible. It is believed that praying together, with an integrated sankalpa or resolve, during this Mahayagna unleashes tremendous Cosmic flow of energy, enough to make God leave His heavenly abode and descend on earth to shower His Grace.

All this can happen at Sai Geetha Ashram, a sacred Garden on earth with more than 540 plants and trees. All these plants and trees have been carefully sourced from different places and countries. This life-giving piece of earth has ‘Dhanwanthari’ Trees for bestowing health, ‘Divine’ Trees that ensure prosperity in life, ‘Nakshatra Vrikshas’ pertaining to birth-stars, ‘Navagraha Vrikshas’ pertaining to the nine planets and ‘Kalpa Vrikshas’ for fulfilling our honest wishes. Since ages, plants and trees have been venerated as the embodiment of deities. Even today, we worship the basil (tulsi) as the personification of Goddess Lakshmi, the peepul as the embodiment of Lord Vishnu, the banyan as the indweller of Lord Shiva, Audumbara as the manifestation of Lord Dattatreya, Kadamba as the embodiment of Goddess Parvathi. Hinduism always had connections to such Tree Deities that have a long and rich history of sharing the spiritual path with humanity. Sai Baba of Shirdi sat and meditated under the ‘Nimba Vriksha’. Buddha and other saints and sages too spent their lives in the proximity of trees for enlightenment.

Trees absorb all the energies from the sun, moon and the galaxy, the seven astral worlds above and from the seven nether worlds below and are generating transmitters and as such are beneficial to both the earth and all life, especially man.

Trees also preserve the eco system. Researchers say that the Tree Therapy has beneficial effects on blood pressure, heart rate and the immune system. It also lowers the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol, thereby relieving stress, depression and anxiety, resulting in cardio-vascular health benefits.

Trees also heal the sensory balance by adjusting bio-glandular system and nervous system. It has been scientifically proved that residents who lived with trees felt emotionally and physically healthier than those in cities with cramped buildings. Hence, frequent visits to Sai Geetha Ashram which is located far from the madding crowd will naturally benefit us in all respects, because these trees have earlier been consecrated with rigorous rituals and have been empowered with Sadguruji’s penance. Therefore, the ‘Vriksha Devatas’ in the Ashram possess the intrinsic power of absorbing not only our negative energy and bestow us good health but they also take away our negative thoughts and weaknesses and release in profusion the pure and divine energy inherent in the entire creation.

Yagna is a process of believing and acting. When belief and action become harmonious, then life becomes a yagna where, into the fire of spirit, right actions, right thoughts, right speech and right behaviour are offered as oblations, and an inner, psychic, spiritual fruition and transformation takes place. So, rather than trying to discover the exoteric meaning, try to feel and understand the esoteric meaning that is being conveyed, then you will be the true victor. This is the vision that this Mahayagna tries to give. Therefore, the Maha yagna this year, the culmination of the week long celebration will truly provide re-sewing, re-weaving and re-webbing of vibration of our energy, due to which, the experience level and the performance of life improves automatically. Therefore, we welcome one and all, to tune into the subtle waves of all the rituals, and absorb the overflow of Divine vibrations.