The busy day-to-day life, huge industrial complexes, rapid urbanization, deforestation, air and water pollution, ozone-depletion, radioactive wastes etc., have disturbed and destabilized the natural harmony of human, animal and plant life cycles. The ecological imbalance caused by these criminal acts of the so-called Civilized man has resulted in a disastrous threat, not only to the human survival but also to life as a whole, on our planet. There is no longer a balance in Mans physical, mental, social and spiritual planes. With the growth of industries and factories, man is deforesting the lush greenary on the earth which provides him with pure oxygen. He is crushing down mountains with dynamites and explosives, Earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones, tsunamis are the negative effects of depleting natures resources to dangerous levels, that threaten our very existence. Moreover, the effect of Kali Dosha, brings in animosities between spouses, siblings, father and son leading to unhappiness, harrasment, tortures rampant in almost every household, for its mirror reflection is the havoc we created in natures system. To counteract these adverse conditions, is the Sarva Dosha Nivarana Maha Yajna, the dire need of the hour.

Its mirror reflection is the havoc we created in natures system :
When we create havoc in natures system, it in turn reflects in us in the form of unstable emotions, desires, and diseases, which depletes from us, our health, happiness and peace. We greedily extract the oil resources in earth. Today, it has become very common to see people suffering with joint pains, due to lack of lubrication.

We also recklessly cause imbalance of fluids in earth and today there are many more than ever who are suffering with ailments pertaining to heart, lungs, kidney etc. due to the imbalance of fluids be it water, blood or lymph. Due to the impact of our aggressive exploitation natural calamities are rampant every now and then. Due to severe unrest the whole world is going through a gamut of violent occurances and bloodshed, so very frequently.Forest fires created by man destroy so many lives and trees. This raving fire is continuosly burning in humans in the form of greed, lust, anger…We deplete minerals from her bosom. there are many who are found to have deficiences in vitamins and minerals in their body.

Today we are indiscriminantly invading the skies with satellites and cellphone towers. This gross abuse has invaded our homes in a big way. Families no longer spend time bonding with each other. They are forever hooked on to either internet, television or mobile phones. the consequent radiation exposure is lethal.

We very carelessly throw wastes and garbage all around us, thus leading to mountainous heaps of debris on earth and debris in landfills. Today, there is an alarming increase in the quantities of toxins, pollutants and accumulated wastes, in our body leading to hazardrous illnesses. Are the above scenarios mere coincidence? Or, are they mirror reflections of what is out there (external) and in here (internal). Is it a case of, As you sow, so shall you reap.

We are crossing our limits to acquire far more than we require. During the Vedic times, people lived a harmonious life with nature, because they were spiritually evolved human beings. The Vedas speak about how one must offer prayers to nature and the Panch mahabhutas to sustain a peaceful life on earth, Therefore, spirituality has always been associated with living in close quarters to nature and revering the deities of the PANCHA MAHABHUTAS – VAYU DEVA, VARUNA DEVA, AGNI DEVA, GAGANA DEVA & BHU DEVI which balance. PRAKRITI AND PRITHVI.