Vriksha Shwasa Kriya

Sun –Tree – Man- Shwasa …… Ancient Yoga focuses on the spiritual enlightenment and physical fitness of a human being.

Inner Balance

Mano Dhyana Kriya – Through which one can unravell repeated thought pattern of the 3 pages of life and help you to still the turbulent mind.

Health and Wellness

Cleanse….. to eliminate toxins, strengthen immune system, slow premature aging………

Panchamaha Bhutha Healing

Calming – Balancing – the purification of elements,” to cleanse the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space – in the human system.

Universal Peace & Harmony

Breaking of the coconut shatters negativities, appeases pancha mahabhutas, especially Mother Earth


The opportunity to engage in the service of God is not only a pious deed but most unique and valuable.